Wholesale Qualified Leads

We do targeted B2B cold calling to find the companies most willing to allow our clients to contact them with a quote for their services. 

Why:  Salespeople need new clients and cold calling is an effective way to convert new prospects into new clients

How:  We use our experienced B2B cold callers and our autodialers to locate the best opportunities quickly and efficiently

Why LEADGROWTH?  We have a record of doing this effectively since 2002

Here’s HOW we generate Wholesale Qualified Leads:

  1. We contact companies to offer them a free quote  on a specific kind of insurance offering better coverage and to save them money.
  2. We capture from the gatekeeper the name of the person you need to reach to offer them the quote.
  3. We do not do rebuttals if the gatekeeper objects.  If the gatekeeper tells us they do not want to be contacted, are not interested, or do not want us to follow up, we do not accept the prospect as a lead.

Note:  We usually get first and last names of prospects, though gatekeepers will sometimes only provide a first name

Here’s WHY you need Wholesale Qualified Leads:

  1. Many companies are actively hostile to all telemarketers
  2. Many companies will not transfer you to a decision maker or release their contact name without you having a prior relationship with the company
  3. Many companies never answer their phone or rely solely on voicemail or auto attendants

Questions & Answers

Q. How many sales leads can you get me?

A. Usually 7-10 leads per hour

Q. How do you send me the leads?

A. All leads are on a single spreadsheet by email the same day we start working

Q. How soon before we can get started?

A. As little as 7 days

How To Get Started:

The total fee for the telemarketing campaign is $2500 and includes 50 hours of professional insurance telemarketing, script development, no setup costs, no database costs, and all leads are exclusive to your agency.

Space is limited and so is this offer, so reserve your space today!